I get a lot of emails every day from Students and those interested in Illustration. here are some answers to questions that I get a lot

-Where did you go to School?

I went to school at Art Center college of Design with a Major in Illustration and a Minor in Entertainment Design. The school has changed since I attended and Entertainment is no longer a Minor, but a Major now. 

-How did you get started in your career?

After graduating from College, I heard that Disney Feature Animation had a program for training young recently graduated talent. I applied for this program twice before actually getting accepted and since then I was able to stay on as an artist for a number of great films including “Tangled” “Wreck it Ralph” “Frozen” “Paperman” and “Big Hero 6” I since went to Sony Animation to work on "Medusa" and "Surfs Up 2" Currently I am working on

- Do you think Art School is mandatory for a job in the Animation or Entertainment Field? 

No. All you need is a good portfolio and good people skills. There are many advantages to going to a traditional 4 year art program, but they can be expensive and not everyone can afford them. 

That said, I don't regret my choice in going to a 4 year college. It was a different time and the programs that are available today were not available back then. I believe that there are some people with the temperament who can make it on their own with online colleges, but I've always been more interested in being social and having the competition of peers around me. 

- What do you use to sketch with?

Various materials, my favorites include Col Erase Pencils, Red ball point pens, Kuretake Clean Colors brush pens and prismacolor black pencils. I've been diagnosed with ADD and that means I tend to bounce around a lot when it comes to my materials.

- What do you paint with?

Photoshop CC, Cintiq 22, Watercolors and Gouache traditionally. 

- How do you come up with your ideas? 

I usually start with the story. Animation is all about communicating stories so I try to come at it from the perspective of a storyteller and what would be the most effective method of communicating what I want in a piece.